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We host our annual "Breast Dinner Ever" at one of our favorite restaurants, Joan's In the Park, with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Education Association. The support they have provided women and men, here in Minnesota, is invaluable. To learn more, attend an event, or become involved, visit: The Breast Cancer Education Association’s mission is to educate the community by providing support and information about detection, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. This organization is very dear to us because our co-owner, Carrie Sartin, is a breast cancer survivor of over 18 years.


We have  hosted a benefit with all proceeds supporting public safety K9s. To date, our events have raised over $29,000. Hero K9 is a national, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to protecting our nation by providing funding to the Public Safety community for the purchase of K9s, training, and necessary equipment. Grants, funded through events like ours or individual contributors, are available to public safety agencies for their K9 program(s) for the following:

  • Door Pop & Heat Alarm Systems

  • In-squad Kennels

  • Ballistic and Multi-threat Vests

This organization is important to us because our co-owner, Jim Halvorson, grew up with a K9 Handler/Officer here in Minnesota and saw the difference that these 4-legged officers make within our communities. To learn more, attend an event, or become involved, visit: Every donation makes an impact on the safety of communities across our nation.

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