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Microblading: $395

Microblading is a technique of cosmetic tattooing performed specifically on the eyebrows. It is done by manually depositing pigment into the skin. The unique formation of micro blading needles allows the artist to create the look of real eyebrow hairs by tattooing very fine hair-like strokes in the skin.

Microblading + Shading: $450

Combined with shading (25-50% blading/25-50% shading), you get the most visible and defined look. This is the most popular combination and can look great on everyone!

Ombre/Powder Brows: $395

The ombre/powder technique gives the appearance of a defined but soft, powdery brow, very similar to the effect of wearing makeup. This is a great choice for those wanting a more fully defined brow, seniors, those with oily skin, and those with little to no brow hair. This type does NOT include the traditional hair strokes that are achieved with traditional micro blading or the blade/shade methods.

These services are a two step process, and the price includes the 6 week touchup appointment.
Permanent Eyebrows Makeup
Permanent Lip Makeup


Price: $395

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent color over the whole lip that can improve symmetry, definition, color and size. You can add a little balm for a natural looking tint or just-bitten flush.

This service is a two step process, and the price includes the 6 week touchup appointment. Additional touchups are at an additional fee. 


Upper: $250

Lower: $145

Upper + Lower: $395

Lash enhancement gives a subtle, “barely there” look that will discreetly define and frame your eyes.  Tiny dots of color are implanted between the lashes creating fuller, thicker, lovelier-looking lashes, while rejuvenating the eye area without the noticeable effect of make-up for a strikingly natural, fuller-lash appearance.

Permanent Eyelash Makeup
Marble Surface







Vang graduated from the Minnesota Brow Lash and Medspa Academy in April of 2023 and has completed his 200 hour apprenticeship and is a licensed permanent makeup artist. With his college background in art, creativity and attention to detail, he has applied those skills to his new profession in performing beautiful permanent makeup services that anyone can benefit from. His specialties include: Microblading/Powder brows, Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement, and Lip Blushing.

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